Tuesday, January 22, 2013

U-trip (www.utripindia.in)  is a young and dynamic destination management company, we show you the best of destinations, be it a well known tourist spot or the journey to virgin land. Travel business with a dab of adventure is natural for us as our Team is from Himalayas and engaged in various adventure activities in different Himalayan regions. Their love for traveling to beautiful landscapes and passion for adventure is the reason for the establishment of U-Trip.

Services we offer :-

      U-Trip Events

      Fixed Itineraries

      Ladies Spl

     •      Khanabadosh – the Nomads Tour

      U -Bikers

U-Trip Events

Utrip Events are the list of events where the departure dates are decided by Utrip Team keeping in view the upcoming holidays so that leaves doesn’t becomes a problem for the participants. Also sometimes the date of departures is decided as per the suitable weather condition for particular trek. Join our Events and meet other like minded travelers & share your experiences. The theme for the events could vary from thrilling jungle safari to leisure beach camp to tiring mountain biking or to a trip to popular tourist destination.

 Fixed Itineraries :

If you have a group, leave rest on us. We have documented several itineraries of some known and unknown destinations. All you have to do is select Itineraries from our list of various destinations that suit you best & leave with your group with your choice of date that is convenient to you. This is the ideal choice for Corporates, Group of friends or couples.

Ladies Spl :

Ladies Spl is for  all those women who want a break from their daily office /domestic routine and have interest in travelling. This is a great way to experience new exotic locations and make new like minded friends. 

We at U-trip understand that women usually have different needs than men, both in terms of what they want to experience in a new place and how they want to go about experiencing it. A trip with only women makes you feel more secure, and convincing your family for the getaway wont be a hassle. You can freely discuss any topic or any health issues.

The itineraries are designed keeping in mind all age groups and fitness levels. So, even if  you have crossed your sixties, but are young at heart, you can sign up for these trips and watch yourself become a girl once again.

Women bond really fast and really well. They also make great travel companions. So, at the end of a trip you are definitely going to have great friends.

Whether you are a single woman or a group of friends, there is enough place and plenty of reasons for you to come for our trips and join the other girls.

Khanabadosh – the Nomads Tour

The Khanabadosh Tour is part of  U-Trips exploratory tours. We undertake  Khanabadosh Tours on trails that are relatively unknown. Khanabadosh Tour happens in small team that is assembled together and led by an experienced trekker. Each member of the Khanabadosh team is assigned a role. For example, you may be assigned the task to photograph the trail; another may be assigned the task to gather factual details about the trek (names of villages, streams on the way), other one may be given a responsibility of transportation etc.

The U-Bikers Tour is for all those biking enthusiasts. We select route and trails very carefully that is still unexplored, preserved and hidden on map and we share our passion and adventure for motorcycling touring. You get freedom to explore scenic beauty of the route & discover great picturesque with U-Bikers. We make each & every itinerary with great care & that suit our guest requirements & expectations on Motorcycle. We mix adventure, culture, beautiful accommodation so that every riders can enjoy their memorable Motorcycle holidays with us.

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